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    Island Park Idaho

    Median Home Value

    The median home value in Island Park is $278,885. Island Park Real Estate is hot.
    It is a tourist destination for Idaho and all of it neighboring states. Year round sportsman’s paradise.

    Average Household Income

    The city of Island Park has has some growth over the last few year. Its number one source of economy is tourism. as a population destination for snowmobilers, ATV enthusiasts it has maintained and annual household income of $37,862.

    Market Health

    Island Park continues to grow in all directions. As this becomes a stronger tourist spot globally it will continue to have new cabins and vacation home built.

    Current Population

    Current population is small according to the books.
    Don’t let that fool you. Island Park is covered in cabins and second home that are in use year round. There is no shortage of people there year round.