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    Driggs Idaho

    Median Home Value

    The median home value in Driggs is $204,629, up from $105,000 in 2000. Homes in Driggs have continued to grow over the years as the simple mountain country life has become more popular. Median gross rent is an average of $887.

    Average Household Income

    The median household income is a little below the state average at $46,951. The average income has increased over the last 2 decades by more than 10K a year.

    Market Health

    The Driggs market remains strong. The valley is covered with second homes and cabins. With stunning views, beautiful wildlife and a sportsman’s paradise, it remains one of Idaho’s best kept secrets.

    Current Population

    The population of Driggs is a rural population that has more than doubled in the last 2 decades.

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