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    Blackfoot Idaho

    Median Home Value

    The median home value in Blackfoot is $129,900. Blackfoot home values have gone up 11.0% over the past few years and Zillow predicts they will rise within the next year.

    Average Household Income

    The city of blackfoot has and annual household income that is a little below the state average. Although it is a little below it has maintained consistent growth over the last few years. Blackfoot is home to the Eastern Idaho State Fair, Many mega potato farms and many local businesses. It finds most of its economic strength from Farming, Medical, and the INL.

    Market Health

    According to Trulia the average listing price is around $159, 500, with a great turnaround sense the economic down turn in 2008. As Blackfoot grows,
    and as the population brings new jobs to the area, the city will continue to grow and prices will continue to climb.

    Current Population

    Blackfoot has gotten smaller in its population over the last decade. Some think this has to do with the efficiencies in farming and a lower demand for skilled farm hands. Where farming has increased the medical facilities in Blackfoot have also much broader with services offered. Bringing many new jobs and services for local residents.

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